Upcoming shows

Place Bands
31/03/2018 Das Greif, Lünen, DE Support for Pokerface
01/04/2018 De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, BE Support for Pokerface
02/04/2018 Easter Tattoo Fest, Nijverdal, NL Support for Pokerface
03/04/2018 Blackland, Berlin, DE Support for Pokerface
04/04/2018 Flowerpower, Magdeburg, DE Support for Pokerface
05/04/2018 KuBa Kulturhalle, Wolfenbüttel, DE Support for Pokerface
06/04/2018 District 6, Düsseldorf, DE Support for Pokerface
07/04/2018 The Rocking Bull Concern, Antwerpen, BE Support for Pokerface
08/04/2018 De Reunie, Geleen, NL Support for Pokerface
09/04/2018 Dat Links, Essen, DE Support for Pokerface
10/04/2018 Subkultur, Hannover, DE Support for Pokerface
11/04/2018 Club Thing, Metzingen, DE Support for Pokerface
01/05/2018 tba.  
09/06/2018 tba.  
16/06/2018 tba.  
01/09/2018 tba.  
12/11/2018 tba.  

More dates to be announced soon...




Place Bands
10/03/2018 Mix N'Kawa, Belval, LU with Beneath My Sins, Beyond the Fields we Know
13/02/2018 BarMetro.Rocks, Bolton, UK with Bullets and Octane, The Senton Bombs, The Dead XIII
11/02/2018 The Patriots Arms, Swindon, UK  
10/02/2018 Percy's Bar, Whitchurch, UK with Anonymous
06/10/2017 Der Cult, Nürnberg, DE Special Guest @ Scarlet Aura Release Concert
19/09/2017 Legend Club, Milan, IT Support for Serious Black
17/09/2017 Altherax, Nice, FR Support for Serious Black
16/09/2017 Boveda, Barcelona, ES Support for Serious Black
15/09/2017 Caracol, Madrid, ES Support for Serious Black
14/09/2017 Le Ferrailleur, Nantes, FR Support for Serious Black
12/09/2017 Underworld, London, UK Support for Serious Black
10/09/2017 Sojus 7, Monheim, DE Support for Serious Black
09/09/2017 Bosuil, Weert, NL Support for Serious Black
08/09/2017 Asgaard, Gent, BE Support for Serious Black
07/09/2017 Hirsch, Nürnberg, DE Support for Serious Black
23/07/2017 Hope & Anchor, London, UK with Apathy Avenue
22/07/2017 Percy's Bar, Whitchurch, UK with Anonymous
21/07/2017 Level III, Swindon, UK with Shepherds Pie
20/07/2017 10A Highstreet, Dronfield, UK  
18/07/2017 The Horns, Watford, UK with Tokyo SexWail
01/07/2017 AStA SommerSause 2017, Trier, DE with Blackout Problems, LOT, Strings'N'Stories, Yves Montblanc
26/06/2017 Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg, LU Support for Alter Bridge
28/04/2017 Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette, LU 'Life On Standby' CD Release with District 7, Sorrownight and DJ CosmoFab
23/04/2017 Blue Collar Theatre, Eindhoven, NL FemME Battle
13/04/2017 U Legionarov, Kosice, SK  
12/04/2017 Klub 77, Banska Bystrica, SK with Carvel, Adalbert
11/04/2017 RC Brooklyn, Brno, CZ with Carvel
10/04/2017 Music Club Jizak, Prague, CZ with Carvel
09/04/2017 Chacharkovo Doupe, Ostrava, CZ with Carvel
08/04/2017 Sciema Club, Olesnica, PL with Carvel, John Revolta
07/04/2017 Underground Club, Sosnowiec, PL with Carvel, John Revolta
25/03/2017 Mix'N'Kawa, Belval, LU with Dark Lambency, Grey Attack
18/03/2017 Kofmehl, Solothurn, CH Support for Tarja Turunen
17/03/2017 MS Connexion, Mannheim, DE Support for Tarja Turunen
15/03/2017 Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette, LU Support for Tarja Turunen
14/03/2017 Atak, Enschede, NL Support for Tarja Turunen
13/03/2017 Cacaofabriek, Helmond, NL Support for Tarja Turunen
11/03/2017 Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, NL Support for Tarja Turunen
10/03/2017 Koko, London, UK Support for Tarja Turunen
09/03/2017 Academy 2, Manchester, UK Support for Tarja Turunen
22/02/2017 New Cross Inn, London, UK with Bled The Fifth, Purple #9, Joe Strang
21/02/2017 The Horns, Watford, UK with Hana Piranha
20/02/2017 The Alleycat, London, UK  
18/02/2017 Level III, Swindon, UK with Shepherds Pie, Live Rounds
28/01/2017 't Dorp te Olen, Olen, BE with Newborn Lunatics, Emperors Of Decay, Bruce
07/01/2017 Ilvers, Erfurt, DE with Sorrownight, Barmy Rote
06/01/2017 Kulturfabrik, Mühlhausen, DE with Sorrownight, Under My Surface
12/11/2016 Rotondes, Luxembourg, LU with No Water Please, Royal Circus, The Choppy Bumpy Peaches
29/10/2016 Musikbunker, Aachen, DE with Grey Attack
28/10/2016 An Sibin, Darmstadt, DE with Sorrownight
24/06/2016 Altstadtfest, Trier, DE with Katana
16/06/2016 Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden, NL Support for Loudness
14/06/2016 Matrix, Bochum, DE Support for Loudness
13/06/2016 Markthalle, Hamburg, DE Support for Loudness
08/06/2016 Roxy, Flensburg, DE Support for Loudness
04/06/2016 Little Woodstock Festival, Ernzen, LU with The Filthy Broke Billionaires, Go By Brooks, Sublind, Cosmic Jerk, Hallimasch
05/05/2016 Rock gegen Rechts, Trier, DE with Fred Barreto Group, Steilflug, The Filthy Broke Billionaires, 7 Sins, a.o.
03/04/2016 The Shed, Leicester, UK with The Mocking Jays, Nish Goyal, Bandicoot, Heel
02/04/2016 Level III, Swindon, UK with Shepherds Pie
31/03/2016 The Dublin Castle, London, UK with Chisel Beeches, Soulshaker, Soundblaster
30/03/2016 10A High Street, Dronfield/Sheffield, UK with Dog Coffee, Charles Hibberd
29/03/2016 The Horns, Watford, UK  
28/03/2016 The Rolleston Arms, Swindon, UK  
26/03/2016 The Rafters, Maidstone, UK with Clown Breakdown
12/12/2015 An Sibin, Darmstadt, DE with Watch Me Rise
07/11/2015 Black Wolves, Differdange, LU  
30/10/2015 Rock'N Ink Festival, Differdange, LU

with Judith Van Hel, Steven Pitman, a.o.

24/10/2015 Ex-Haus, Trier, DE

with Fred Barreto Group & Steilflug

23/07/2015 Exensia, Firenze, IT

Support for Loudness

22/07/2015 Colony Club, Brescia, IT

Support for Loudness

19/07/2015 Gebouw T, Bergen op Zoom, NL

Support for Loudness

18/07/2015 Turock Sommerfest, Essen, DE

Support for Loudness

12/07/2015 Rock um Knuedler, Luxembourg, LU

Anastacia, Surf Cowboys, Tuys, District 7, Seed To Tree, Irina

04/07/2015 Dikrich Live, Diekirch, LU

Delain, November-7, Visions of Atlantis, Elysian Gates

12/06/2015 Soundcheck, Mertzig, LU

with Andrea (Diario)

23/05/2015 Run For The Oceans, Belvaux, LU

Elysian Gates

30/04/2015 Big Ben Calling Festival, Dudelange, LU

The Neverminds, Mindless Anger, Kevin Heinen

15/11/2014 Melusina, Clausen, LU

Chr!s Album Release

30/10/2014 Sage Club, Berlin, DE

with Black Born Phoenix

13/09/2014 T'Scheier, Aspelt, LU

Album Release

12/09/2014 Nordic Rock, Vianden, LU

with Cosmogon, Elysian Gates, Miles To Perdition, Neverland In Ashes, a.o.

12/07/2014 Red House, Saarburg, DE

with Tyrannay

25/06/2014 Marx, Luxembourg, LU

with Luceed

13/06/2014 FDLM, Place du Marché, Differdange, LU

with Lost In Pain, Zero Point 5, Remo Cavallini Trio, Makka MC

10/05/2014 Bike 4 Life, Mertzig, LU

with Elysian Gates, Corona Dark, Roundabout

09/05/2014 Rock Against Exclusion 2, Rockhal, LU

with Ivy Quainoo, Isaac Roosevelt, Five Cent Cones

03/05/2014 Choco, Luxembourg, LU


20/04/2014 The White Lion, London, UK

with Eastroad

19/04/2014 The Rafters, Maidstone, UK

with Alive In Lights, Smalltown Missfits

18/04/2014 The Cavendish Arms, London, UK

with Sullen Ray, Tarah Who?, Starlane, Anna Rest Easy

17/04/2014 The Dublin Castle, London, UK

with Obelisks, Uberkill, Higharts

16/03/2014 Fabrik, Mersch, LU


26/01/2014 Fabrik, Mersch, LU


22/01/2014 Purple Lounge Casino 2000, Mondorf, LU

Purple Idols Contest

18/01/2014 Rock Box, Rives de Clausen, LU with Mean To You
 25/10/2013 Duerfkessel, Koerich, LU with Mean To You